Looking for something different to do with the team this year?

I’m told that installing treadmills in the boardroom and telling them to work harder is 80’s thinking. That being so, why not do something different this year and have some fun with the team along the way?

A trip down the Wye in one of our quality canoes is a great way to entertain staff and friends as there are few finer rivers than the Wye. It’s also far less painful than paintballing!

We have a range of trips ranging from 2hrs to multi-days that can be organised to suit your needs:

  • Two hour morning, afternoon or evening trips with a pub lunch or supper
  • Safety equipment supplied
  • Prices include canoe hire & transportation of the group back to the start point
  • We’re happy to advise on routes etc..

Prices range from £30 to £50 per canoe (two people) dependent upon the length of the trip, plus whatever you want to spend on food and drink.

We’re a flexible and enthusiastic business and will fit around what you’d like to do. If you’re interested, please give me a call to discuss what’s possible.