Cost: £40 - per person per day

A trip like no other!

My first experience of canoeing was spending most summers from the age of 8 assisting (or hindering) my uncle Pete run his summer canoe trip business on the Wye. We would spend 3-6 weeks most summers, canoeing down from Glasbury to Mordiford (approx 40miles) over 5 great days. Each day would consist of a morning dip, “hearty” breakfast, breaking camp, 4-5hrs of brilliant fun on the river, pitching camp,  an evening meal cooked over the stove or fire and then a song or two around a camp fire (or a visit to the pub in the later years)! Just great.

I think it was these memories which motivated me to take the business over from my uncle 8 years ago.

Most groups returned back year after year with the same folk, some of which are still returning 25 years later with their kids.

With our wealth of experience, knowledge of the area and good relationship with landowners we can plan a great multi-day trip down the Wye. You can choose how rough or smooth you want your accommodation to be and how many miles you want to cover and we’ll come up with an itinerary to match your wishes.  .  Please note that free camping is not allowed along the river Wye, but there are plenty of legitimate campsites, B&B's etc along the route.

Our prices are all inclusive: Trip planning advice, transport, canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids and dry storage expedition barrels. The only additional costs are your accommodation and food.
We ask you to meet us at our operating base at Tresseck Campsite in Hoarwithy, where you can park your car securely for the duration of your trip (parking is £3 per day, payable to the site)

Before booking your trip we like to discuss the details with you first as every experience is different.
Below are a few examples of popular multi-day trips:

2 Days – Hereford to Ross-on-Wye (28 miles)

A great introductory trip
This is our most popular multi-day trip that we operate every weekend

Day 1 – Hereford to Hoarwithy – 17miles
 Camp overnight at the peaceful Tresseck campsite
Day 2 – Hoarwithy to Ross-on-Wye 11 mile

2 Days – Hoarwithy to Monmouth (31 miles)

A serious paddle (not available in peak season)

Day 1 – Hoarwithy to Ross-on-Wye - 11 mile
 Overnight stay in Ross-on-Wye at the Ross Rowing Club (camping) or the White Lion Inn (camping or B&B)
Day 2 – Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth 20 miles
 The second day is a long paddle taking in the busier but beautiful Symonds Yat area including the gorge and grade 2 rapids  (must have prior experience)

3 Days – Hereford to Ross-on-Wye (28 miles)

A more leisurely trip 

Day 1 – Hereford to Lucksall – 8.5 miles
Camp overnight at Lucksall campsite  
Day 2 – Lucksall to Hoarwithy – 8.5 miles
 Camp overnight at the peaceful Tresseck campsite
Day 3 – Hoarwithy to Ross-on-Wye 11 miles

4 Days – Hay-on Wye to Hoarwithy (45miles)

Take on the top of the Wye

Day 1 – Hay-on-Wye to Whitney – 5.5miles
Camp overnight at The Pound
Day 2 – Whitney to Preston-on-Wye – 11.5miles
Camp overnight at Byecross Farm campsite 
Day 3 – Preston-on-Wye to Lucksall Park– 19.5miles
Camp overnight at Lucksall Park
Day 4 – Lucksall Park to Hoarwithy– 8.5miles
Finish at Tresseck Campsite

4 Days – Hay-on Wye to Monmouth (77miles)

The full Monty for those that really want to stretch themselves

Day 1 – Hay-on-Wye to Preston-on-Wye – 17miles
Camp overnight at Byecross Farm campsite 
Day 2 – Preston-on-Wye to  Lucksall Park – 20miles
Camp overnight at Lucksall campsite 
Day 3 – Lucksall Park to Ross-on- Wye – 20miles
Camp overnight at Ross Rowing Club campsite 
Day 4 – Ross-on- Wye to Monmouth – 20miles
Finish at Monmouth Rowing Club

Although you can reserve canoes online, we don't take payment as we like to discuss your trip with you first so give us a call or use the Contact Form

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