Canoes for Sale

Over winter 2022/23 we  replaced our fleet of canoes with brand new special edition Venture Prospectors and Ranger 162’s.  Specially adapted for life on the River Wye they have extra thick hulls to withstand the scraping, comfortable tank seats and vital to us, deep dish yokes to make it more comfortable to lift and carry our canoes up and down steps!

We are often asked if we have canoes for sale and the simple answer is yes.

If you’re after a nearly new Venture boat we’ll do you a deal and deduct the cost of your canoe trip

Otherwise, we have a selection of ex Hire Hou canoes as below. Most of them will have their outer skin pierced but the middle and inner remain intact. Some have damaged gunwhales.  Both issues can be simply rectified with repair kits from our friends at Endless River.

Hou Chieftan 17’ high line family/expedition canoe – £400

Hou Prospector -£300

Hou 16 -£500   – all gone

Old Town 158 – £350

Give us a call or drop us a message from our page.