How many people fit in a canoe?

All our canoes have two fixed seats with an optional clip-in seat for a third person. Some of our larger family canoes can accommodate 2 adults and up to 2 smaller children, but it’s best not to overload the boat.

I have a young family – can we all go canoeing?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and often one of the most difficult to answer as we operate under strict ratios based on the following numbers;

Ages 4 to 11 – one adult per child
Ages 12 to 17 – two children per adult

So if your child is under the age of 4, I’m afraid we can’t accommodate you.
If your children are under 12, there’s a strict ratio of 1 adult per child.

Can I paddle solo?

Unfortunately we are not allowed solo paddlers on the river, which means we need a minimum of two people in a canoe.

Is transport included/How do I get back to my car at the end?

All our trips include transport to or from your start/finishing point.  For our most popular trips we generally ask you to meet us at Tresseck campsite where you can safely park your car.  From there we’ll either transport you to the start point upstream or you head off from the campsite beach to Ross-on-Wye where we will collect and return you to your car.  If you’re a guest at Lucksall  Park, we’ll transport you back to the site at the end of your trip.  For multi-day trips or those starting/finishing further afield, we’ll generally meet at Tresseck but will confirm in person.

What should we wear?

Loose, lightweight clothing is recommended and as for footwear, trainers, aqua boots or full sandals. As we all know British weather can be unpredictable! When the sun is out it can be very hot on the river, so please dress accordingly to minimise risk of heat stroke and sunburn. A waterproof and windproof layer as well as some layers to add or remove warmth as the sun can be strong but the wind can be cold especially in spring/autumn. Please do not wear wellington boots, flip flops or jeans and lastly, please don’t wear anything you’re not prepared to get splashed!

What should we bring with us?

Lots of fluids, snacks or a picnic, especially if you are not planning to stop off at a pub en-route. High factor sunscreen is highly recommended as well as sunglasses & a hat; it can get very bright on the river when it’s sunny! Be prepared for the classic British summer and bring a top to keep you warm & dry. We always recommend that you bring a full change of clothes just in case  you get wet.  We provide waterproof storage for all your belongings, there is no need to bring the kitchen sink but you will have plenty of space for clothing and food so please bring plenty along.

Will we have mobile phone coverage?

Mobile phone & data coverage on the river is minimal but you may find some along the way and at hotspots such as Hereford & Ross-On-Wye. Take the opportunity to relax on the river, switch off from the outside world and ignore those notifications!

Can we bring alcohol with us?

For  your safety we operate a zero tolerance to alcohol on the river.  Anyone found under the influence of alcohol or any other substances will not be permitted to hire or participate. We do not allow alcohol to be taken on your trip and reserve the right to confiscate it until your return. If you’d like to enjoy a drink, please do so responsibly once your canoe adventure is complete – you may well find us in the pub when we’re done for the day too!

What should we do with our valuables?

We would recommend that you don’t take anything expensive and/or sentimental in the canoe with you (but kids & dogs are fine!). Wet hands are slippy and we would hate for you to lose or damage any valuables as we can accept no responsibility for this.  If you have to take a valuable with you e.g. your phone, please make sure it is stowed away in a waterproof container and be extra vigilant when you’re using it; even experienced paddlers have lost their phones overboard!

Where can we stay?

Camping and canoeing down the River Wye can be a magical experience, totally different from one day to the next. Our two operating bases are conveniently located at campsites right by the river. Tresseck Campsite is a beautiful, family-friendly site on the banks of the Wye at the village of Hoarwithy. You can check live availability and book online here . Our second operating base is at the immaculate Lucksall Park where booking ahead is also recommended. For other accommodation and multi-stay trips, feel free to contact us to chat through your options and plan your stay.

Can we free camp on the river banks?

With the exception of the occasional public canoe launch, all the river banks are privately owned, so FREE CAMPING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.
Besides, there are plenty of cool campsites strategically located all the way down the river for you to stay at safely and legally.

Can we canoe in bad weather?

We rarely cancel a trip if it’s raining so make sure you bring the right kit to stay warm and dry. Once you’re out on the river, you won’t even notice! Your safety is paramount to us and in extreme weather conditions or if the river level is unsuitable, sadly we won’t be able to operate and will update our social media and contact you in the hope we can get you out on the river again as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about the weather affecting your trip, please contact us in advance.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes, smaller, well-behaved dogs are very welcome to come along. The larger the dog, the greater the weight that moves around randomly in the canoe, which causes instability and heightens the chance of capsize. And the same applies for more active or excitable dogs that are constantly moving or have a tendency to jump out to swim.

We have dozens of dogs that successfully canoe every month, so it comes down to a personal judgement call.

We don’t provide buoyancy aids for canine companions as we’ve never yet met one that can’t swim.
We ask that your dog is never tied to your canoe in case they become tangled in the unlikely event of a capsize.

Can I canoe if I’m pregnant?

Being out on the river surrounded by nature is a wonderful experience and has well known health benefits.  We are therefore happy to welcome expectant Mum’s on the river, so long as they they have taken the time to understand the risks involved should a capsize occur resulting in sudden cold-water immersion in a remote part of the river.  We recommend discussing it with you doctor before you make the decision.  Beyond 6 months it is not recommended.

What area do you cover?

We operate the majority of our half and full day trips between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye, but for the folk that fancy doing more than one day on the river we actually run trips starting from Hay-on-Wye all the way down through Symonds Yat to Monmouth and occasionally Redbrook.    We specialise in multi-day trips and love helping people plan and prepare their adventure, offering advice on start and finish points and great places to stay all the way down the river, as well as providing transport at both ends of the trip.

What if we have any more questions?

If you need to ask anything else please contact us, our team will be delighted to help. We have a wealth of experience on the River Wye and the beautiful area surrounding it so please ask us anything to make the most of your trip.