Full Day Trips

Cost: £60 (maximum £30.00 per person)

Pack your camera, picnic and spare clothes and head out for a whole day exploring the river at your leisure. Choose to go through Hereford and see the city from a unique viewpoint or, head downstream from Lucksall and forget the urban world! Whichever you choose a fascinating day is guaranteed. Our day trips will typically take between 6-8 hours. In the summer or when river levels are low, these can be quite challenging days! If you are unsure, please discuss with a member of our team before booking.

Preston-on-Wye to Lucksall

18 miles

Start 10-8 miles north of the historical City of Hereford. Enjoy views of the Old Weir, a fine 1920’s garden owned by The National Trust. As you approach the city of Hereford enjoy unique views of the famous Cathedral. Once through the city, the site of the Woolhope Dome, a famous limestone outcrop, with its wooded slopes comes into view.

Why not stop at the Bunch of Carrots at Hampton Bishop for a spot of lunch or a drink? Just a few miles or so further on and you will notice the mouth of the River Lugg joining from your left. It is here that the Mordiford Dragon once came to water and feed. Only a short distance around the corner is Holme Lacy Bridge and your destination Lucksall Park.




Lucksall to Ross-on-Wye

19 miles

Our most rural day trip! A tranquil journey where it is common to go the complete day without hearing a single vehicle.  From Lucksall you will meander behind the village of Fownhope and through the gentle rapid of Lee Brink. You now head out around a huge loop in the river taking you past the banked village of Ballingham and under the steep Caplor Woods. From here you head towards Carey islands and the ruins of the former railway bridge.

You have the option of enjoying lunch at the New Harp Inn at Hoarwithy or finding your own spot on one of the many lovely gravel beaches along the way. After lunch you will continue downstream skirting past the villages of Sellack with its pedestrian bridge and past How Caple, well known for its Court Gardens. You continue past the hamlet of Hole-in-the-Wall and then Foy pedestrian suspension bridge. Shortly afterwards the market town of Ross-on-Wye appears perched above the Wye.

On this trip you will see five demolished stone railway bridges which were only in use between the 1930’s & 1960’s providing vital trading links between the city of Hereford with Ross-on-Wye.